These images were co-created with our cetacean friends off the Big Island of Hawai’i. Immersed in dolphin communication and sonar frequencies, we shared the winter waters cradled in the glorious vibrations of humpback whale song, the visiting whales choosing mates and birthing the new generation.

Passing Below with Bubbles from Transluminous Press

Passing Below with Bubbles

Bubbles act as lenses mirroring the dolphin group passing below

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Surfacing Together from Transluminous Press

Surfacing Together

Surfacing together to breathe, hanging in the between space where air surface meets water surface

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Within the Group from Transluminous Press

Within the Group

The dolphins choose their distance, and with resonance the group swims close in an enfolding experience

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Surfacing with Bubbles from Transluminous Press

Surfacing with Bubbles

After a playful encounter, these dolphins rise through the curtains of bubbles released below

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Surface Dive from Transluminous Press

Surface Dive

Four spinner dolphins surface to breathe and dive in tandem

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Swimming Down from Transluminous Press

Swimming Down

Spinner dolphins swim playfully down, light streaming through the water to the sandy bottom

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Swimming By from Transluminous Press

Swimming By

A curious group of spinner dolphins swims by near the surface

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Pair at Surface from Transluminous Press

Pair at Surface

Mother and young surface together to breathe, showing the thin boundary between ocean and air

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Dolphin Strata from Transluminous Press

Dolphin Strata

Light streams through this strata of dolphins, swimming together, slowly rising to surface and breathe.

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Circling Sandy Ocean Floor from Transluminous Press

Circling Sandy Ocean Floor

Swimming off the Big Island of Hawai'i, spinner dolphins circle around a sandy ocean floor.

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