Sunanda from Transluminous Press


“I consciously connect with Source and share what comes forth. I do this in honor of all who share their being and knowing, and who assist me in my journey within Source alignment”

This book of 150 entries also contains a word index.

What they say

  • It never ceases to amaze me how you put into words that which I am experiencing and struggling with in the moment! Thank you so much.

    S. L., Minnesota

  • When I read Sunanda I feel encouraged.

    L. C., the Netherlands

  • Reading Sunanda, I feel that all is well, maybe amazingly so.

    R. L., Oregon

  • Sunanda brings great news, and although I do not always understand the lyrics with my head, my heart feels what is said.

    M. D., the Netherlands

  • I appreciate the wisdom.

    N. G., Oregon

  • Thank you for your writing, as it helps me look at the other side of what I have been experiencing lately.

    R. K., Minnesota

  • Reading Sunanda brightens my day!

    B. G., Florida