Sunanda 2 from Transluminous Press

Sunanda 2

More writings on Source alignment and inner knowing.

Aligning to your inner knowing is aligning to what you know about what you need and what is true for you. The more we acknowledge Oneness and allow Source to flow through us, the more support we have for expressing our unique experience of embodying Source energy.

What they say

  • Reading Sunanda brings me to a different place, a place of centering.

    R. L.

  • I LOVE this! This is SO GOOD! I feel like I can easily move forward with my intentions.

    M. C.

  • Another thank you for the writing. I find gentle reminders to stay aligned where I want to be aligned. They center, ground, awaken and refresh.

    L. B.

  • I feel connected with infinity; I appreciate the wisdom.

    R. G.

  • I read Sunanda every night with my dad. We always read the last paragraph twice. It feels like hot chocolate on a snowy day.

    Z. M. (age 10)

  • YAY YAY YAY! This writing is amazing.

    B. P.