Inner Light Mandala Card Book from Transluminous Press

Inner Light Mandala Card Book

The companion book to the Inner Light Mandala card deck containing descriptions for each of 33 cards and instructions for four card layout patterns.

Use the deck and book for many types of questions, from inquiries about specific situations to broad questions about the arc of your life and what your experiences mean to you.

The images and words act as reflections, calling on the wisdom of your divine nature, your inner knowing. This brings your consciousness into the center of your life and recognition to the power we exercise in co-creating our life experiences.

What they say

  • The words and mandalas are so insightful. They take me into the future of NOW!

    R. B.

  • The insight is amazing, and easy to use in my life.

    S. R.

  • The layouts make the cards so easy to use, and are so insightful. I have deep information I can apply directly to my life. Wonderful!

    M. C.

  • Surprising, clarifying, intriguing, fun!

    R. L.